China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event

China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event
  • China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event
  • China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event
  • China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event
  • China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event

China Pavilion Style Glass Wall Pagoda Tent for Party Event

  • Product No.: ATS-G4
  • Frame: High reinforced aluminum
  • Side Wall: PVC wall, glass wall, ABS wall, sandwich steel panel wall
  • Door: PVC zipper door, glass door, sandwich steel panel door
  • Ground Situation: Grassland,earth land,asphalt,cement ground,marble,etcG
  • Fixing Solution: Ground anchor (steel nail), expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.
  • Service Life: More than 15 years


About The Project

Pagoda & Gazebo Tent is not a new product in the market, as the tent market keeps developing, Gazebo Tents play an important supporting role for the various activities.More and more people get used to seeing this Pagoda Tent in their events gradually, with this type tent’s unique appearance and practical inner space.
Peak Pagoda Tent not only can be used in combination with other tents but also can use as a single unit, the size is various from 3mx3m to 12mx12m, the standard side height is 2.5m. Besides the simple PVC sidewalls, more and more accessories are available for the Pagoda & Gazebo Tent, such as tempered glass wall, double wing tempered glass door, single wing tempered glass door, tent air conditioner, mobile toilet, decoration roof lining, decoration side curtains, lights, table, chair, flooring system and so on. 
It’s a perfect tent solution for your event business or the private purpose with stronger wind resistance and waterproof capability.The gazebo canopy party tents are widely used for a garden party, private party, family gathering, banquet party, wedding, exhibition stall, and so on. They can make your outdoor event become more visually pleasing. For more information please contact us.

Pagoda/Gazebo Tent Specifications and Feature



Size  3x3m/4x4m/5x5m/6x6m/7x7m/8x8m/9x9m/10x10m/12x12m
Ridge.Height  4.2m/4.8m/5.4m/5.9m/6m/6m/6.1m/6.3m/6.4m
Longest.Component  3.1m/4.1m/5.1m/6.1m/3.7m/4.2m/4.7m/5.3m/ 5.4m
Side Height  2.5m (can be customized)
Roof Pitch  22°/18°
Bay Distance  3m/4m/5m/6m/3.5m/4m/4.5m/5m/6m
Maximum Length  12m
Main Profile 65X65x2.5mm/ 122X68X3mm/ 166X88X3mm aluminum alloy
Frame Material High reinforced aluminum, anti-rust surface, GB/T 6061-  T6 standard, Surfaceoxidation; Film thickness>10pm
Fabric Material 850g/m2 and 650g/m2 double PVC-coated polyester, flame retardant,  UV resistance, waterproof, comply with DIN 4102  B1, M2 (German standard), Applicable temperature range: -30°C to +70 °C
Connection Part All steel parts are galvanized steel, hot-dipped and not easily rusted, and all come with rust prevention process.
MaximumWind Limit  80~100km/h
Eave Connection  Direct insert style
Reinforce Method  Portal beam
Space  There are no pillars inside our tents, space can be 100% utilized.


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